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Our Guided Tour



 This is a user friendly walking tour with a knowledgeable guide who is well versed in the history of the Mines, minerals, local geography, flora and fauna.


      There will be an opportunity to dig for a variety of minerals and we do supply some light digging tools and buckets for your treasures.


     This is approximately a 1.75 mile round trip walk to both Mines, with some moderate to strenuous uphill sections.


New this year we have made improvements to our road. Visitors with four wheel drive vehicles or All wheel drive vehicles will be allowed to drive up if they wish. NOTE: driving on our roads is at your own risk and damage to your vehicle or other accidents is at your own risk.


      Enjoy the excellent views of the Western Maine mountains from the Mine sites and the fall foliage in season. 


      The pace of the tour is leisurely, approximately four hours  in length, according to how long visitors want to explore, dig for minerals or just enjoy the view. And kids just love the treasures they may find exploring around the Mines. 



               HOURS AND FEES 

We are open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

      Please meet us at our site no later than 8:30 a.m. arriving a few minutes early is suggested.


      We charge $45 for adults 18 and older, $25 for ages to 13 to adult , $10 for 7 to 12 and kids under seven no charge.


      We accept Visa/MasterCard, Debit cards and of course cash. Sorry we are not currently accepting payments online.

​     Access to the Mines is by scheduled visit only.

​For all other inquiries click here:


A September sunrise from Wheeler Brothers Mine No.1 

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