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   This is our offering for the experienced, intermediate or novice rock hound who is seeking an opportunity to access our mine dumps.

     We have turned over several good sized sections of the dumps and other areas where mine tailings were deposited. Most of these areas have never been seriously explored.

     We have two mine sites that are open. There are opportunities to discover a good selection of minerals. Although we make no guarantees to what you may find. 

  Garnets, muscovite mica, biotite, white, dark smokey and rose quartz, aquamarine, golden and chrysoberyl, apatite, microline crystals, black tourmaline and other minerals have all been found here. Unfortunately we are out of the geological zone for colored tourmaline and amethyst. There is water available to rinse your finds.



   Pick your spot and dig! Many of the mines around the state are closed to rock hounds, inaccessible or if open, crowded and pretty well dug over. So this is a unique opportunity and again we only allow a limited number of visitors each day.

  The Mines are accessible by foot . The round trip to both mines is approximately 1.75 miles and does involve a moderate to strenuous uphill walk.

  New this year we have made improvements to our road. Visitors with four wheel drive vehicles or All wheel drive vehicles will be allowed to drive up if they wish. NOTE: driving on our roads is at your own risk and damage to your vehicle or other accidents is at your own risk.

  Both Mines offer great views of the western Maine mountains.

  HOURS AND FEES We are open Thursdays, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 

  Our site opens at 9:00 a.m. and we close to digging at 4:00 p.m. 

  We charge $35 for visitors 18 years and older,  $20 ages 13 to adult,  $10 ages 7-12 and children under 7 no charge.

  We accept Visa/MasterCard, Debit and of course cash.

  Sorry we are currently not accepting online payments. We will accept your payment when you arrive.

  Access to the Mines is by scheduled visit only.

  Please note, we are not open to commercial diggers.

  Roger Wheeler  made this interesting analogy:

  "Digging for specimens is a lot like picking cucumbers you pick down a row and think you got them all, then turn around and  see, there's a half dozen you missed."

How many people have gone through a pile that 's  been worked over a dozen times  and come up with a treasure everyone else missed? .....That's Rockhounding.


For scheduling a visit and all other inquiries click here

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