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Preparing for your visit 


  Listed below are some suggestions and guidelines.

  • Insect repellent, during the spring and early summer in Maine the black flies, mosquitoes and other insects can be bothersome.  An application of repellent will make your experience much more enjoyable. 

  • We encourage you not to wear open toed shoes or sandals. Sturdy sneakers or light boots are best. Blasted and broken rock can easily scrape or cut your exposed feet when digging for specimens or walking around the mines.

  • Water! It is easy to get dehydrated anytime of the year, so bring an extra bottle or two. We also encourage you to bring a lunch and enjoy the view! 

  • We have diggers and buckets for those taking the tour to use. We know that most avid enthusiasts have their own equipment and encourage them to bring their own. 

  • Dress for the weather. Maine weather can be unpredictable. On cooler days a light water repellent windbreaker may be a good choice. If it looks like showers bring a rain coat.

  • We personally love dogs, but other visitors may not and not all dogs are other dog or people friendly. If you bring your dog please plan on having your dog leashed and under control at all times.

  • There are areas at the Mines that are off limits to visitors. These areas have been clearly identified and we appreciate you abiding by our rules, for your own safety.

  • Portable restroom facilities are available at both Mines.

  • Please carry out what you carry in.

  • Wheeler Bros Enterprises, requires each visitor, parent or guardian to sign a safety waiver before being allowed to access our trails and Mines.

      Following these few simple tips will make your visit to the Wheeler Mica Mines an enjoyable one .

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