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Mean Johhny's Mine News March 30 2022

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Wow for this old technosaur creating and building a website has been a challenge. But I think I'm nearing completion of a half decent landing page. It certainly has been a growth experience !

As the whole concept of visiting our mines is a new venture of dotting all of the lower case I's and J's and crossing the T's. It is a long process. I"m still not quite sure of the logistics of running the tour and allowing folks who just want to dig at the same time. But maybe it is just one of those play it by ear moves and see how it goes. I know one thing for sure I have several days of pumping at both mines to get the water levels down. Last summer was an exceptionally dry one so keeping the water down was simple enough. But over the course of the winter both mines have refilled, with naturally accumulating ground water, rain and now the snow melt.

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Mean Johnny's Mine News

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Mean Johnny's Mine news

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Mean Johnny's Mine News

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