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Mean Johnny's Mine news

May 26 2002..... Well after a long haul Wheeler Brothers Enterprises had our first paying customer . Angela A arrived Thursday morning to take the guided mine tour.

I'm happy about having a soft start .....I have a few folks scheduled for this weekend ... And it will be nice to see how it goes with just a few people.

Over the years I have talked to hundreds of people about the Wheeler Mica Mines, on a very informal and no charge basis. But this was different, as we dipped our toe into actually charging people to visit the mines and dig.

I really enjoyed the day with Angela, I think she was a perfect first client! On our walk up to the No2 mine we talked about the history of the mines, looked at the dynamite shack and the cap shack .I showed her places where people could dig. I think she was impressed with the view and then i gave her the nickel tour of the mines. I do believe she was impressed with the size and scope of the mine.

Our conversation was far ranging about the mines and minerals and other topics what an interesting lady she is..... And it is a small world. Angela started talking about her Uncle Mike and it turns out he is a guy a knew in high school!

Then we went digging ...... I think she was excited about the amount of area available to dig in.

And then the best part Angela started to find good stuff!!!

We dug at No2 for a couple of hours and then hiked over to the No1 mine.......

Thanks Angela for making our first day a success!

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Mean Johnny's Mine News

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