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Mean Johnny's Mine News


Since we opened to visitors on May 26th we've had quite a few folks up to the mines to dig. Overall I believe from their comments it has been a worthwhile experience. Garnets some beryl, black tourmaline, some smoky quartz pieces that are black, and other sundry specimens.

Patience and perseverance seem to be the key here. Those who are digging sifting and rinsing are having decent results. I want to remind people that we are out of the geological zone for gem tourmaline and amethyst .. But have other good pegmatite minerals. But we think our site offers more than just a chance dig.

One thing we offer is a limited number of people on the site each day, a little history about the mines and mica mining , great views and two unique mines ....

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Mean Johnny's Mine news

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Mean Johnny's Mine News

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