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Mean Johnny's Wheeler Mine News

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

March 3rd 2022

Good Morning it's the first of March and we are anxiously awaiting the return of warmer temperatures and bare ground so we can start operations at our mines.

We are currently working on the logistics of running some tours for the novice "rock hounder " and allowing the avid mineral collectors access top do their own thing.

We have decided that we will only allowed a limited number of people in each day. An open gate and over crowding we believe will detract from the experience and enjoyment of finding your own personal treasures.

We will be providing information on how to schedule a day to come an enjoy the walk, the plants and trees, the work of the glaciers, the great views of the western Maine mountains, and of course the mines.

Access to the mines is by foot only, on a well maintained road it is a moderate hike and about 1.75 miles round trip to visit both mines.

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